The importance of having the correct psu

The computer server is the most vital link in your office network. Apart from connecting and sending data to and from the other computers linked to it, it also acts as the gateway to the internet, routing all outbound and inbound traffic. If any other PC in your network breaks down, it will hamper work slightly. However, in case the server crashes, it leads to a virtual shutdown of all the other computers in your office. More often than not, erratic power supplies are the main cause of computer crashes. Therefore, it is vital to use the best power supplies for your office's server.

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There are two distinct types of power supplies... the internal and the external. The one residing inside the server cabinet is known as the SMPS (switched mode power supply). The SMPS changes the high incoming AC (alternate current) voltage supplied via the mains power outlet to pure 12 volt DC (direct current) and 5 volt DC via a transformer. If you have ever seen the rear of a computer cabinet, you might have observed a small fan covered by a metal mesh. This fan is a part of the SMPS.

Maintaining proper voltage and regulating temperature

It sucks out air heated by the transformer allowing cool air to flow in through air vents in the case. This helps to cool down the transformer as well as the other components inside the computer. The switched mode corrects any changes in input voltage, ensuring that no voltage surges takes place in the power being supplied to the motherboard, CPU (central processing unit), HDD (hard disk drive) DVD (digital versatile disk) player, and other components. Since the SMPS is the heart of the computer, you should always pay more and purchase a model manufactured by a reputable company.

Maintaining voltage supplied to your server

You should also ensure that your server receives a pure sine wave power supply. For this, you need to install either a CVT (constant voltage transformer) or a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) between the power outlet of your office and the power inlet to the server. It is better to purchase a UPS. It contains a battery, charged by the power from the mains. When a power failure occurs, the battery takes over. A circuit converts the 12 volt DC power output of the UPS to the appropriate AC (110 or 220) voltage. Instead of going for a manual relay switch model, purchase a model that contains an electronic switch. This allows the switchover of the power supply from the mains to the battery almost instantaneously.

Sine or Square

You should always purchase an UPS that provides a sine wave power output. This type of supply has no sharp peaks, which can damage sensitive electronic equipments. You should also check if the UPS contains a magnetic filter. This helps to prevent magnetic waves emitted by it to reach the computer. Never go for a modified sine wave model. It might be cheaper but its output power is not as smooth as those provided by a pure sine wave UPS.