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Signs of a cheating Spouse

Cheating Wives, Cheating Husbands or Lovers Can't Commit Infidelity Witout Leaving Some Evidence Of The Affair.
The Below Listed Are The Most Common Signs of a Cheating Wife or Husband.

 Each couples circumstances are different. The below indicators are certainly signs of a cheating spouse. Be fair and ask yourself, are these indicators present and can they be explained by any other factors. If you answer 4 or more with a yes then more likely than not you have a cheating spouse even if he or she buys you a Thomas Sabo Charm.

* Suddenly begins to work a lot of overtime.

* Saying, "It's all in your mind".

* Accuses you of unsubstantiated infidelity.

* Receiving anonymous-suspicious phone calls.

* Starts having secretive phone calls.

* Receiving hang-up phone calls.

* Suddenly purchases a pager or cell phone.

* Begins to dress differently.

* Interested in exercise and weight loss.

* No interest in sex or makes excuses.

* New sexual techniques.

* Possession of birth control items.

* Discovering hidden lingerie.

* No longer wears a wedding ring.

* Unexplained purchases on credit card bills.

* Taking business trips alone.

* Leaves early for work.

* Loss of interest in family matters.

* Smelling of perfume or alcohol.

* Having new friends.

* Excessive vehicle mileage.

* Turns trivial things into heated arguments.

* Leaving home during an argument.

* Restless at home.

* Unaccounted for hours.

* Excessive use of personal computer, Internet and e-mails.

* Discovering suspicious stains (presumably semen, vaginal fluids or blood) in or on panties, underwear, undergarments, clothing, bed sheets, panty liners and upholstery.

* Suddenly needs his or her space.

Encourages you to go out more or to start dating others.

* Wanting to separate.